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Medical Malpractice

When you put your life and health in the hands of a physician, whether it’s for a routine physical, an out patient procedure or at a hospital for major surgery, you expect the care and medical treatment to be competent, compassionate and professional. Physician’s can and do make mistakes. These mistakes can be to your detriment. The results of a physician’s mistake on your health can often times result in additional life long complications and even death. The occurrences of medical malpractice has risen over the years making it important to have an attorney capable of understanding medical procedures and terminology as well as the applicable law and its legal ramifications to be on your side. It is unbelievable, the extent that medical providers and medical facilities have gone to in the past, to cover up their mistakes.

The Castaneda Law Firm never loses sight of the fact that this is an excruciating and emotionally draining event on you and your family. We take care to handle each medical malpractice case with compassion and tenacity to obtain an equitable settlement on your behalf. We are your advocates and are committed to providing you aggressive legal representation in your claim.

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