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Trucking Accidents

Trucking accidents generally cause severe damage to passenger cars and the people riding in them. The impact of a truck hitting an automobile often strikes with deadly force that can crush steel frames, break bones and damage vital organs, leaving the victim with devastating injuries and often times a lifetime of health problems. This traumatic experience can leave a person physically damaged and emotionally scarred. If you’ve been involved in a trucking accident, time is of the essence, in preparing your case properly. Since the financial exposure to the trucking company insurance defense company is typically large, they will start immediately taking measures to minimize your settlement claim amount. They will spend tens of thousands of dollars to keep from paying you a large settlement. While this may be the only case in your lifetime that you will deal with this type of situation, the insurance defense company that is representing the Trucking Company has a well oiled and seasoned veteran team that handles these cases on a daily basis. You could find yourself in a David versus Goliath type of situation. It is to your advantage to seek legal representation immediately. Your inaction to protect the settlement value of your claim should not be taken likely. This is your case and it demands your attention now. Insurance company personnel ( CEO’s, Adjuster’s etc..) make large bonuses by not paying out all claims at full settlement value. Should part of your fair and reasonable settlement value amount be shifted from your claim to that of the Insurance company’s bonus program. It is your decision. Where do you want your settlement value money going?

The Castaneda Law Firm in Gwinnett County Georgia can provide you the legal representation you need to aggressively maximize your settlement value.

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