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Auto & Car Accidents

Auto accidents occur on a daily basis every few minutes. All it takes is a few careless seconds by a negligent auto driver and your life could be changed forever. You could be the victim of serious injuries and require medical attention. You will probably also need legal representation to help you preserve crucial evidence in the protection of your injury claim. The legal team at The Castaneda Law Firm can help you protect the value of your claim. Our Firm will work towards maximizing the settlement value of your claim. Our Firm has the experience to handle your claim. We are familiar with the various settlement minimization techniques that insurance companies use to influence an injured victim to settle quickly and for less compensation than you deserve.

DO NOT FORGET, the Insurance Companies have a very large settlement defense litigation fund and experienced teams of investigators, adjustors, agents and legal experts to achieve their number one profit motivated goal of minimizing the settlement value of your claim.

The insurance company that is trying to minimize the settlement value of your claim will launch their investigation usually within 24 hours of your accident. Contact your legal team first, before you help the “other side” minimize the value of your claim.

Contact The Castaneda Law Firm today so that we can be your team of legal experts and allow us to aggressively maximize the settlement value of your claim.

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