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The traumatic experience of having to go through a divorce can be made difficult if you don’t have a competent attorney representing you. While there are many resources available online to attempt to “do-it-yourself”, divorce law is fairly complex and you should seek legal advice. Trying to get the correct answers to all the many questions that come up during this emotionally draining time requires having a lawyer on your side that has the experience, knowledge, track record and patience to work with you. Having legal counsel who understands just what you are going through and knows how to get you out of it, intact; can make a tremendous difference to both your mental health and fiscal stability.

The Castaneda Law Firm provides legal services for those in need of divorce, custody litigation, child support issues, and legitimization. Our attorneys fight to the bitter end to secure your rights in your battle for a fair and equitable settlement. We aggressively and professionally handle all elements of divorce including the marriage dissolution, property division, alimony, child custody rights, maintenance and support, as well as post-judgment modifications of orders.

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