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Wrongful Death

The death of a loved one is always hard to bear. It is even harder to accept when that death occurs by the negligence of another person/company. Some causes of untimely deaths are due to medical malpractice, prescription error, nursing home neglect or abuse, drunk driving, unsafe products and/or dangerous property flaws to name a few. A wrongful death claim means an underlying civil wrong has had heartbreaking consequences for the decedent, their family members and children. The next legal step is for the estate of your decease loved one, through the surviving relatives, to bring forth legal action for a claim of Wrongful Death.

At the Castaneda Law Firm, located in Dekalb County Georgia, we sympathize with the victims of these often senseless, heartbreaking cases and offer our deepest condolences. The Firm is committed to provide you the legal representation you need in effectively preparing your claim.

We will aggressively advocate on your behalf to right the wrong done to your loved one and seek appropriate compensation for your loss. We are by your side and here to help in your time of need.

Remember the loss of your loved one is just a monetary figure to the Insurance Defense Team. Their goal has not changed, they are profit motivated and will do what they are trained to do. That is to minimize the claim value of your deceased loved one. So contact the attorneys at The Castaneda Law Firm to begin protecting the value of your Wrongful Death claim.

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